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This week the nerds talk about tmz stuff, psychology behind gangs, snitching, and other childish bs. Why are people so sensitive? Plus the nerds drive to work and some old bag trying to break into his car! When the nerds got into alcohol, and many controversial topics. Get strong, or gtfo.

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PWR Episode 95! AWF (American Wrestling Federation) February 25, 1995!

This week The Professor and Tommy Wonder jump into the Hamin Media time machine and go back to 1995! We will here about the AWF.... WAIT! WHAT THE HECK IS THE AWF??? The American Wrestling Federation (AWF) was a professional wrestling federation founded by Paul Alperstein active from 1994 to 1996. The promotion was based in Chicago, Illinois but held shows in many other eastern states of the United States. The AWF used the European wrestling format of timed rounds, 4 minute rounds with judges and points, in the vein of boxing matches. We will hear about stars that you know very well as this card was filled out by legends like, Tito Santana, Greg Valentine, Tony Atlas, Nailz (Not a legend) Sgt. Slaughter and Koko B. Ware!!! We also get some news that a third member of the Reflection may be joining the show very soon!!! All this and much more!


The Impact Attack 9/21/19 with special guest host Jim Stranger!!!

This week on YOUR Impact Attack Big Ray and Matt welcome up-and-coming pro wrestling star and our Hamin Media brother in the Hamin Army brother Jim Stranger to the show as our special co-host!!! Jim will join us for the entire show! The show kicks off with a quicky getting to know the Stranger segment them we jump into the 3, where we discuss Aaron Carter accusing his brother Nick Carter of rape! We thought blood was thicker than water! I guess not! It's invade Area 51 day so let's see if these ham and eggers actually came through! We then jump into the stool pigeon that is Tekashi69 and who he may be dragging down the hole with him! We then move on to talkin about taking down child pedophilia and whether the death penalty is warranted for such crimes! we kept off the show with a full review of Impact Wrestling 9/20/19 and the end of The LAX era in Impact!!! All this and so much more on this very strange episode of the Impact Attack!!! 


SRB Episode 8- Does God Exist?

We have a very deep discussion about the existence of God. What is God? Who is God? What is religion hiding when it comes to a divine entity?

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FLR 9.20.19: Stevie Richards & Bin Hamin

With a new King of the Ring the locker room has been quiet, nobody wants to get knocked out by the producer backstage, until they do. So stay small and listen to the news:

-Joey Janela Gear Stolen
-HHH pumps up the NXT Crowd
-VKM Txts HHH about NXT all day
-AEW puts commercial on NXT
-RAW Rating stands against NFL
-Mandy Rose on MAXIM
-KO working International shows because Shane allows it
-WWE Apologizes for Network Down during NXT

It's time for Stevie to tag with Shane Douglas, and Hamin to defend his Title. So go poster the town and sell some tickets!


The Conspiracy Horsemen: MC Google Clone

The Conspiracy Horsemen link up with more great Truth Seeking Warriors! On this episode woke Hip Hop Artist MC @KingGage_ joins us to talk Celebrity Cloning, Dave Chappelle rumors, and Illuminati in the Music Industry. Then we are joined by Google Whistleblower @PerpetualManiac Zach Vorhies does a run in to talk about the upcoming election treason that Google Directors are planning using their A.I. and Censorship Algorithms. We go straight the source to get closer to the truth on this info filled episode of The Conspiracy Horsemen! -- Watch live at https://www.twitch.tv/conspiracyhorsemen

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The Infinite Fringe :Quantum Computers, A.I and CERN With John Prester

John joins us to discuss his recent research into quantum computers and cern. Are humans meant to travel down these roads? Are those who do completely insane?

website: twitter.com/ItsSwamp

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new Force order Podcast - Episode 28: Bobitos Way!

This weeks episode looks at Marvel Comics new Supreme leader comic which dives into Kylo and Snoke’s relationship. A new theory places Rey’s origin in a more sinister light. Are Disney and J.J working the fans?? Are they throwing us falsies or are they beta testing possible stories and endings to see what the fans like most. On this weeks Who’s More OVER we go back to the star ships and it’s rebel vs rebel with the Y-Wing fighter facing off against the B-Wing fighter. Doc talks about his SDCC purchases on TaTOYine and how lucky (good) he is. Join the nFo on this weeks galaxy spanning adventure!!


NeXT Level 163: The Undisputed Era…Era

NeXT Level 163: The Undisputed Era…Era


Curtain Jerker:

NXT Alumni Spotlight: Wyatt Family


NXT and Crumpets:

-Travis Banks vs Tyson T-Bone

-Rhea Ripley vs Debbie Keitel

-Trent is walking in from the car-park

-Dar-Seven saga continues

-Joseph Connors vs Kenny Williams

-They don’t even know what “luck” is!!

-KLR vs Tegan Not next week

-Noam Dar vs Trent Seven next week

-British Rounds Match: Ohno vs Scala

-Round by Round

-Governor Zack Morris?!


The NXT Proper Recap:


-Candice vs Io vs Bianca vs Mia

-Bianca is a goddamn star!!!

-Lee/Dijakovic hype package

-Grimes vs Maluta

-Dream(c) vs Roddy


NXT After Dark:

-Dunne vs Arturo [H]uas

-Dakota Kai returns next week

-Xia Li vs Aliyah 

-Xia rebounds nicely from botch

-Denzel Dejounrette…??

-IMPERIUM!…minus Walter


-Big invasion angle on night 1?!


-Walter vs Kushida soon? 

-Lio Rush vs Oney Lorcan 

-What’s the Cruiserweight Title?

-Dain vs Riddle (Street Fight)

-Overall issues









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The Infinite Fringe presents Shoot The Moon NYC



#WLR: The Kingdom of Fuckface

#WLR: The Kingdom of Fuckface


Strangler Steve and The Andrew Bello are back, to talk about our new benevolent ruler, King Fuckface. 

Also on the docket: 

  • gender reveals
  • wrongful termination lawsuits
  • upside down graphics
  • Occam’s razor











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