Light The Fuse - w/Chris Silvio, Bin Hamin & MSG - Bash At The Beach 2020

January 16, 2020

The Fuse has been lit and the war is underway. After 3 Months, AEW is full steam ahead in the ratings & viewership. The Wednesday Night Wars rage on. On this weeks episode we start with Breaking news of AEW signing a new TV Deal through 2023 and a 2nd wrestling show. Taz joins AEW full time. Silvio Gets hot about Barron Corbin's Tweet. Bin Join's Matt & Silvio to breakdown the first hour of AEW before heading out to the land of Russo. Matt & Silvio Finish up the 2nd hour of AEW and Silvio gave some advice too Darby Allin. So Grab your flip flops and a towel cause we are heading to the beach.

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