August 18, 2019

The Professor is back and he is taking us back to the days where we would run home from school, turn on that TV and tune into ESPN 4 pm Eastern! There we would get the Global Wrestling Federation! GWF was based out of Dallas, Texas. It started in June 1991 and folded in September 1994. The GWF was the last pro wrestling promotion to be seen on ESPN regularly. Beginning in the mid-1990s, the network began to emphasize talk shows in the mid-afternoon hours, supplanting pro wrestling. This week Professor breaks down these action packed matches! We hear about the recap of the Lightning Kid vs Jerry Lynn match which took place 1/14/92! then we have the GWF North American Heavyweight Champion The Patriot vs. "The Palm Beach Heartthrob" Scott Anthony in a Two Out of Three Falls Match. No one was allowed to be at ringside during the match. In the main event then get the GWF Tag Team Champions "Hollywood" John Tatum & "Rugged" Rod Price (w/Mr. Skandor Akbar) defending the belts against "Wild" Bill Irwin & Black Bart Two Out of Three Falls Bunkhouse Match!!! We will also hear from Eddie Gilbert, Joe Pedicino and much much more!!!