The Friday Locker Room 12.27.19: DCW TakeOver

December 27, 2019

Is It a Christmas Miracle or a Disaster? HackerHamin Reunites with his OVW Brothers Twinkle Toes Martin Evans and The Great El Sucio! But Twitch cuts some sound because of background music, We have some audio issues that get corrected half way through, but WHO CARES ABOUT THAT! The OVW Locker Room is back together!

On this show:
-NWA style setting them apart from other companies
-Chelsea Green debuts on RAW
-Sami Callihan on why he quit NXT
-NJPW Resigns to top talent
-Triple H Discusses UK Indies Dying
-Kane on his time working with DB
-Eddie Edwars vs. RVD Dream Match
-Khan says he didn't want to hit the stunner
-Tough week of PR for AEW
-Fearless Jack Bull Malibu Invitational