The Friday Locker Room 1.24.20: Stevie Cool & Hacker Hamin

January 24, 2020

Back from Covert Black Ops in the BinHamas we Cruise back into the weekend ready to submit to the headlines, news, and rumors from the wrestling world.

Ring the Bell:
-JR and Hamin fly back from Bahamas 
-VKM and Patterson strange behavior at Funeral of Rocky Johnson
-No more "Women's" in Title Name
-Scott Steiner NWA Title Shot
-Stevie Richards Shoots on Matt Hardy's creative situation
-Britt Baker Promo cut from TV?
-Alex Riley on Cena Heat
-Kacy Catanzaro back at PC
-Lance Archer to AEW?

Hamin is going to Canada and he will make them submit. Get your gear packed.