The Impact Attack 8/17/19: Mathew 12-Gage’s got a gun???

August 17, 2019

We are back with YOUR Impact Attack!!! This week Big Ray and Matt jump into the 3-count with 5 topics!!! We talk about Katie Perry being accused of sexual misconduct! Some idiot planting pressure cookers in NYC subways for shits and giggles! Disnet and there Star Wars "Faux Pas"1 Conor McGregor sucker punching old men and we have obtained actual audio of Jefferey Epstein's final hours in prison! We also discuss Matt getting robbed at gun point and why he didn't inform Big Ray about this event! Finally we jump into Impact Wrestling 8/16/19! We break down all the action of this weeks show as we are on the road to Bound For Glory!!! All this and much more!