The Locker Room 8.16.19: The Hamin Road Report

August 16, 2019

Hacker Hamin put down over 1600 Miles in 4 days on the road but he's back to give the Locker Room stooge report that everyone wants to hear. From OVW and all of the new changes going on with the organization to the latest post Summerslam news it's time to start some shit. 

-Hamin's Trip to OVW TV
-WWE Exec cashes in 79% of her stock
-Cody defends signing Orange Cassidy
-NJPW wrestler new coach at NXT PC
-Braun Strowman on not working at SS
-Goldberg talks about how he sucked vs. Undertaker
-Paige has Second Neck Surgery
-Mick Foley gives Bray Wyatt the mandible claw
-nZo claims he's going to change the game
-Stone Cold remarks on Gun Control question

"The road is fuckin hard. The road is fuckin tough." -JB