TLR 2.10 Redux

February 10, 2020
Monday Locker Room w/Michael Jargo & Ric Vickrey... February 10, 2020.
"What's a Noodle Sandwich"
It was another fully loaded weekend of news and happenings from around the world of pro wrestling. On this episode #DemHTMBoys are talking the business of the business before taking off for Portland, Baltimore, Saudi Arabia and Japan. 
On the Run... Finally the XFL has come back to America. Buyer beware of the WWE Network. Goldberg coming from that Blood Money. Is the Monday Night Mashiah cable of saving anything? Belair steels the spotlight. Gearing up for TakeOver Portland. An Eye for an Eye. Dynamites hot close. ROH Free Enterprise. Mox vs. SZJ. New Beginnings Review.
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