TLR Happy Festivus

December 23, 2019
12/23/19: Monday Locker Room w/Jargo & RBV
Enjoy the Gift of Gift of Festivus on This Very Special Holidays Edition of the Monday Locker Room... Pole Matches for 2020. Feats of Strength Promos... Plus Jargo & RBV Overindulge when it Comes To the Airing of Grievances
On this Week's Run....
- The Nerds, The Godfather, The Self Proclaimed Wednesday Goat & The Reporter of the People run in with a few low blows.
- What would Festivus be without an aluminum pole and what would pro wrestling be without pole matches?
- It's the Airing of Grievances! Jargo & RBV have a lot of issues with a lot of people and everyone is going to hear about them.
- Plus your weekly WWE, NXT, AEW & New Japan News & Notes. 
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