The IMPACT Attack 2.19.20: MSG & Bin Hamin

MSG makes his big return and brings plenty of heat back to the Hamin Media Group Locker Room this week! Interesting conversations about his South Park Podcast in a twitter battle, Trump/Eve Torres Creeper news, and an interesting discussion about Rodriguez and South Africa Ratings For IMPACT! 

IMPACT is from Las Vegas this next set of tapings as we continue to build to the next PPV. Hamin is disappointed in a few storyline decisions that could have resulted in better character driven choices. New talent debuts and does very well connecting with the crowd, Other parts of the business are getting good responses including TJP and Fallah Bah together. And who could use some promo help and acting coaching? It's Heels Over Strong as MSG Returns from the Master Control Room to join The IMPACT Attack!





Suck My Balls #9 - S1E8 - Starvin Marvin - “Hey Mom, We Found A Ethernopian, Can We Keep Him?”

It's time for another edition of Suck My Balls. On this week's episode Ian aka Scoop is absent as he is spending time with his family. So after Matt appeared on HTM Tech last week to talk South Park video games, he invited "Dirty" Joe Morin on to review an episode of South Park with him. They break down Season 1 Episode 8 "Starvin Marvin", one of South Park's Cult Classic episodes. They also talk:
- Dana Schwarts Tweets that South Park had a negative effect on young boys.
- Monetizing Emotions for Charities
- Joe wasn't a good UNICEF salesman
- B.O. & Patchouli
- Politicians not listening to there constituents 
- Wasting Food in America
Its the first ever Thanksgiving episode. They can take our lives, but they can never take away our freedom. Gobble Gobble.

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#WLR: John Cena Ruined Babyfaces

#WLR: John Cena Ruined Babyfaces


This week: Strangler Steve King and The Andrew Bello are back to talk some Monday Night Raw and more.  Topics include: Irish whips, AJ vs Taker(?), modern babyfaces sucking in general and Carrillo sucking, specifically, penis.


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The Film Frequency Podcast 2/17/20: FANTASY ISLAND REVIEW

Join the unprofessional professional film critics, The Film Bros, JayB & Haize of the Film Frequency podcast as they discuss FANTASY ISLAND!

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Topics include:
-Cast Analysis
-Is this really horror?
-Plot breakdown
-The Blumhouse Effect
Plus much much more!

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TLR 2.17.20

Monday Locker Room w/Michael Jargo & Ric Vickrey... February 17, 2020.
"Ratchet & Clank"
Rasslin is for lovers. With Valentine's Day Weekend in the books #DemHTM Boys are back with another exciting instalment of the Monday Locker Room, as presented by the Hamin Media Group. 
On the Run... Looking back at TakeOver Portland and what Tampa has in store the Gold & Black Brand. What it takes to put together a WrestleMania card. Examining a few rumored matches for this year's mega WM36 event. A Monday Night sermon from the Messiah. AEW set for one helluva Hot-lanta showcase. Thoughts on the debut episode of the WWE Network exclusive "Ruthless" Aggression.
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PWR Podcast Episode 109: WWF SUPERSTARS MAY 16,1992! The Curse Of Papa Shango!

It's time to once again jump into that Hamin Media time machine! This week the Professor is out but he will be back soon... Tommy and Jay B take us back to 1992! The Rated G era of the WWF??? It's WWF Superstars! The curse of Papa Shango exhibits some devastating effects on The Ultimate Warrior, as he takes to the ring to battle one of The Nasty Boys in the featured contest. Also featured in action, Shawn Michaels, The Berzerker, Big Boss Man, and many more! So cop a squat on the floor with a big ol' bowl of Nintendo cereal for some old school Saturday morning Wrestling!


Nerd and returning champion, Ava Devine shoot the breeze.

On today's top of the New Year edition of the podcast, Nerd welcomes back his friend, the greatest adult film star of all time.....Ava Devine! They ring in the New Year together and talk about everything under the sun, such as New year resolutions, how Ava celebrated the holiday, and of course, sex! They ponder where and how the money shot originated and just shoot the breeze about random things. Great chemistry and such a good time. Follow Ava everywhere below!

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The Infinite Fringe: The Occult Decoding of the Corona Virus with Wayne McRoy

Wayne McRoy returns to the Fringe to De-Occult the Corona Virus. It's a different take on the the epidemic that you must hear. Agree with it or not, its fascinating.

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The Smack Attack 2.14.20 with Big Ray and Colin Wysong: Dia de Corazon

This week on your Smack Attack.... We kick off the show with an update on Colin being kidnapped by the Voices Of Misery! We then jump into the cage as we talk some MMA and discuss the Jones/Reyes fight in a heated discussion during the Combat Corner segment! Big Ray and Colin then break down the Valentine's Day edition of Smackdown 2/14/20! Will Otis get to clap it out or will his heart get shattered by Mandy?! We end the show with a fun Smack Attack Mail Sack where we answer fan emails and Big Ray opens up about his surprise enema as he prepares for diverticulitis surgery! All this and much more!


The Conspiracy Horsemen: Machete Warz of Peru

Welcome To The Jungle as The Conspiracy Horsemenare reunited with one of our trusted Guides, Timothy Alberino! Stevie, Bin, and Timothy tackle the landslide of Corona Virus fear porn, statistics, and misinformation that surrounds this possible pandemic. Then we get incredible insider info on Timothy Alberino's latest adventures in Peru where he has made an incredible discovery of new ruins! Tales of mountain side adventures, Peruvian Mafia, Dirty Cops, and CZW Machete Wars with the local talent. Then Timothy gives us an incredible account of The Alien Mummy Conspiracy and the truths that are tied to it. It's time to talk adventure with the modern day Indiana Jones, Timothy Alberino. 




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