Friday Locker Room 12.13.19: Sponsored by Decent Insurance

December 12, 2019

It's a great discussion today on the Friday Locker Room when No Limits Nick Soman, CEO of Decent, does a run in to talk shop with HackerHamin and Big Stevie Cool! Decent Health Insurance is our feature sponsor of this week's Locker Room... It's a big show... don't blow your spot!

On this episode:
-AEW Main Event Bucks vs LAX recap
-Nick Jackson competes Wednesday with the flu
-WWE Backstage w/ Punk sees decrease in Viewers
-Lana and CM Punk Twitter Battle
-NXT Injury Report
-Seth Rollins Broken Bone
-nWo to HOF
-Bautista on Bear Grylls talks going broke after WWE
-Discussion with Nick Soman about Independent Contractors
-Better Choices for Wrestlers, 1099 Workers, and Small Biz Owners
-How to beat the lobbyists and corporate medicine
-Wrestling Unionization and Rights

Connect www.decent.com today for better health insurance solutions in your area. Follow them @decent and @NickSoman! Then go check that the ropes are tight enough.