HAHAHAMIN Episode 7: Bill Saveley

December 27, 2019

HaHaHamin is back with another excellent guest from my Improv Olympic Days in Chicago, Bill Saveley. There are so many incredible comedy minds that I was fortunate to watch perform and learn from in the early 2000's and Bill Saveley was always one of my favorite players. He's performed along side the top names in comedy today, with all the stars from HBO and Comedy Central that are household names. Bill takes us on his awesome creative journey, including his days as a top Chicago Club DJ in Chicago in the mid 1980's, and crossing paths many times with a young Billy Corgan hustling to get The Smashing Pumpkins to the next level of stardom. Bill also gives us his story on his life changing fitness journey. This one is for every team supporting player, or mid-card wrestler, that has helped others to shine brightly. This is Bill Saveley aka The SaveDigger.