The Friday Locker Room 1.10.20: Stevie Richards & Bin Hamin

January 9, 2020

It's been a long week of promo's for the veterans of the locker room. Hacker Hamin's voice is barely hanging on to shoot on this weeks news and rumors and Stevie is officially broken and responding with scoffs and exhales from now on. What will your reaction be to this week's stooge report:

-Paige Says She's Grown Up Now
-CM Punk Tweet Apologize Dive Repeat
-Saudi Blood Money Dick
-Dusty Tag Team Tournament
-New Day on Cereal Entrance Idea
-Woods on VKM reaction to Trombone
-who will NOT Face Brock at Wrestlemania
-Matt Hardy on Final Deletion production
-Shane Taylor ROH Future 

It's on. Tape your wrists, Tuck your Laces, and Hit the Music.