The Friday Locker Room 12.20.19: Bin Hamin & Stevie Richards

December 19, 2019

We crossed the point of no return. There's no such thing as a Dark Match at a TV Taping in 2019 and now the owners are doing birthday party spots post show while the boys sell for it. this is where we are. The Friday Locker Room.

On this show:

-Told Ya So
-Kiari Sane Injury Update
-Steph McMahon on Ronda Rousey Return
-New Day Sign New Deals
-Street Profits Sign New Deals
-USO DUI Verdict Is In
-Where were HHH and VKM for TLC?
-Colt Cabana AEW Dark 
-Killer Kross is a Free Agent
-Tony Khan.... you know. 

Get your envelope, stay small, and tell him he did a great job. Best ever. Championship material bro. 

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