The Friday Locker Room 1.3.2020: Bin Hamin & Stevie Richards

January 2, 2020

It's another crazy week in the Locker Room filled with as much on camera Lesbian Storylines and Off Camera Gay Porn Rumors that you can handle. It's off to the rumor mill races already for 2020.

On this episode:
-What would CM Punk leave in 2019 for WWE moving Fwd
-Meeting in Stamford to Deal w/ Lars Sullivan Gay Porn 
-Vince Loved Lana Wedding on RAW?
-Actor who plays Minister on RAW Responds
-What was the HMG Dirt Sheet Story of The Year?
-Charlotte Flair and Andrade Engaged on NYE
-Ric Flair Comments
-XFL Lawsuit Update
-AEW Makes Great Changes to Face Criticism
-WWE Off of Sky Sports now on BT in UK

Who knows who will kiss somebody on the genitals next, out themselves as an apartment wrestling champion, or will somebody actually step up and be the wrestlers we deserve to see in 2020? 

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